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9  Events That Require A Dj (Awesome 5-Minute Read)

It's time for to party and dance together

Have you ever thought if having a DJ at your event would be beneficial? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together the definitive list of events that require a Dj, including the event styles that function best with DJs. 

You might believe that weddings, clubs, and festivals are your only alternatives for work, but a wide array of events require a Dj. 

Because the possibilities are nearly unlimited, it’s hard to include every occasion a DJ can perform, but here’s a comprehensive list to get you started. 


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Events That Require A Dj
  1. Corporate Cocktails
    When organizations want to enjoy a night out with their employees to celebrate a certain company-related achievement, they may consider hiring a DJ who can cater to their specific musical needs. 
  2. The Event at the Store
    Shops adore the sales boost that an in-store DJ can provide by providing an added layer of entertainment to customers’ shopping experience. It’ll be especially handy if the store is promoting a new product or service.
  3. The Marriage
    What would a wedding be without a DJ to curate a playlist for the bride, groom, and all ages of guests? Unless the party has decided on a band or two, a DJ is almost a need these days.  
  4. The Holiday Party
    Quality DJs are typically a hit at Christmas gatherings. The majority of these bookings are for large corporations that want to see their employees dancing to celebrate the end of the year, but DJs can also offer something special to private Xmas parties.


  5. House Party
    A professional DJ might be the icing on the cake for those of us who want to have a memorable house party. The event gains actual energy and personality by replacing the iPod with a real person.


  6. New Year’s Eve Festivities 
    New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly the most important night for DJs to be present at any event. It is by far the most difficult time of the year to find a last-minute DJ, as it is the most desirable night of the year for DJs.


  7. Bars/Clubs  
    DJs are frequently hired by bars and clubs to keep guests entertained. This could be as low-key as a DJ in the corner providing background music, or it could be more upscale, such as an upscale nightclub where patrons dress up, queue outside, pay a lot of money for bottle service and drinks, and get the full “club” experience.  Bar/club gigs are typically more focused on: 80s EDM, Techno, House Soul, Funk Garage Rock.


  8. Concerts

    DJs that have amassed a large enough following to outgrow clubs may be booked at larger venues and outdoor events.  Unlike many DJs who play just other people’s music. There DJs mainly play their music or music they developed by sampling other artists.  

     They could put on massive, outrageous light shows or other large-scale theatrics. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  People frequently attend these concerts specifically to watch this DJ, rather than for any other reason. Festivals with multiple acts, where the event itself is a key draw, may be an exception. 

  9. Dances at the School  

    Each year, a few dances are held at junior/middle and high schools. They’ll need a DJ, of course.  These employees are typically brief, and who remembers high school? There hasn’t been much of a change. Many students simply congregate in groups or run around aimlessly. People of that age are typically more hesitant to dance.  

     It takes a lot of patience to DJ school dances. The youngsters will frequently be running around. Alternatively, the principal will be hurriedly reprimanding students for jumping off the stage or engaging in other inappropriate behavior (yes, this has happened at school dances I’ve attended). Alternatively, a massive, never-ending line will form. 

DJs are frequently asked to perform at a variety of events. While weddings may account for the majority of your work, these other gigs can help you fill your calendar, gain more attention, and expand your DJ career. 

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